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Impacting the Destiny of People and Nations for Jesus Christ

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July 3, 2015

Partnership with PAM Inc. provides international opportunity to help fulfill the great commission and reach many souls for Christ. Eph. 6:8 (NIV) because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does, whether he is slave or free.

Please become a Missions Sending Force and join 'Partners of Hope' and reap God's rewards. 'Partners of Hope' Monthly Support and One Time Donations can be made right here through Paypal, credit or debit cards. Thank you!

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Praise Alive Ministries, Inc. International
Impacting the Destiny of People
and Nations for Jesus Christ

Roger & Hope Reeder

Praise Alive Ministries passion is to take the Gospel to other nations, and reach people with the love of Christ. We desires to help win the lost though many different tools. One such tool is our sports ministry which helps provide means to mobilize churches in Ethiopia and Thailand. Our Unified by Grace project helps provide basic health care and help stock anti-malarial medication and mosquito nets for the impoverished two thousand people at the Nyambabare Clinic in West Ankole in southwestern Uganda. This ministry helps bring hope through the Feeding Programs  for children and adults in Bishop Lavis shanty towns in Bishop Lavis, South Africa, helps train and encourage Pastors and leaders both nationally and internationally, helps impart into youth for Godly leadership, and helps evangelize the unreached. As you partner with us, you are impacting lives around the world with eternal reward. Thank you.

This year, along with other ministries, Praise Alive Ministries, Inc. helped purchase a delivery truck for a church in South Africa which helps them to start a delivery service business thus creating job opportunities which will  help enable them to become self-sustaining. Their business will ultimately helps support the daily feeding program for the hundreds of homeless, poor and hungry living in cardboard and tin box homes in the community. We are honored to now have you become a part.

The 'Unified By Grace' Cd project, by Quickstar Productions, was created by one of the founders Brenden Bosmans of Quickstar Productions based out of Baltimore, MD. The inspiration for this CD came from a mission trip to West Ankole, Uganda that he served on in November 2007. The goal of this CD is to help raise money to help purchase anti-malarial medicines for this health clinic, which is another way this ministry is changing lives in other nations.
It features like sounding Christian artists from the East Coast scene. Hope Reeder's song 'Who Can Compare' was chosen as a perfect fit on this project. Amazingly so, as Hope's heart has forever been and will always cry out with love, for the people of Africa, South Africa and beyond.

With your heart-felt compassion to fulfill the commission of God, your generous donations to Praise Alive Ministries, Inc. helps spread the love of Jesus Christ and will be used to further God's plan to 'go' as we literally take His love to many Nations. Please become a Partner of Hope and make a difference in other nations without leaving home.

To become a Partner of Hope, simply go to our website and click on 'Partners of Hope.'

Roger and Hope aim to take students to parts of South Africa each September/October to help with hands on experiences of feeding the poor, street evangelism, youth ministry, Woman's conference, leaders conference, Pastors conferences, orphanages, the safe house project and more. Your year round commitments will help further the spread of the gospel. We are purchasing wristbands to take, bible bookmarks, and some clothes, some medications and candy for the kids. If you would like to make a special one-time donation or become a year round partner  to help on this project and more, please sign up to donate on our website page 'Partners of Hope.'

Your gifts will help this ministry impact the destiny of people both children and adults, churches and nations for Christ through discipleship, teaching, training, Cd sales, conferences, prophetic worship, and the preaching and teaching of the Word of God both nationally and internationally.
As Jesus said in Matthew 25:40, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

We sincerely appreciate your participation as a partner, your love and continued prayers.

Click Here or go online to to go to 'Partners of Hope.' You are able to make donations on Partners of Hope page. Photos are also available there of national and international events. Thank you. God bless all you do to further the Kingdom of God.

Going beyond normal limits,
Roger & Hope Reeder

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