Kids Are Becoming Missionaries

Kids Are Becoming Missionaries

Parents of children age 7 to 18 are cultivating the ministry of Evangelism and teaching their children they can become a Missionary at an early age yet never leave the loving arms of there family, just yet.

Sports Friends Missionary Kristin Reeder is reaching out to show that kids are not too young to help change the destiny of impoverished children in other parts of the world.

Kristin serves with Sports Friends at the SIM International (Serving In Missions) office in Fort Mill, SC and travels internationally for this ministry.
Kristin is providing opportunity for young kids to learn how to help fulfill the great commission by giving a small portion of their funds each month to reach other children for Christ in Africa, Asia and South America through Sports Friends. By giving up as little as 4 cups of coffee a month ($10.00) or more, Parents can help cultivate in  your own children a heart of giving that is changing lives around the world through the simple platform of sports.

Sports Friends

With more than 60 % of Ethiopia's population under age 25, Sports Friends may be one of the most powerful and effective tools available to spread the gospel. By taking God's love, and a little soccer ball, to the uttermost parts of the world, Sports Friends is becoming a vital part of accelerating His end-time purposes and offers great resources to nations.

Sports Friends aims to see a movement of churches using sports ministry to transform the lives of youth, their families and their communities. It seeks to empower and equip churches and church planters to use the platform of sports to impact their communities with the love of God.

Kristin is looking for 120 kids age 7 to 18 who want to help send God's love to kids in other parts of the world as extended ongoing monthly missionary partners.

Whether involved in sports or not, your child can be a part and help by giving as little as $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, $25.00 or $30.00 each month that will help reach souls for Christ.

Parents Play a Vital Role

Parents play a vital role in shaping love in the heart of their own child through this life changing world-wide project to reach souls using sports, that all children love, as a tool. As Parents, this will provide opportunity to teach and cultivate your child's Christian values like compassion, respecting others, generosity and consistent giving, the key ingredient that permits them to have the sense of evangelizing in other parts of the world.

By becoming a part of Kristin's ongoing Missionary Support Team, it gives kids of all ages, an opportunity to build a more hopeful future for many other children across the world where both kids and parents reap blessings and reward. By giving up as little as 4 cups of coffee a month ($10.00) or more, Parents can help cultivate in  your own children a heart of giving that is changing lives around the world through the simple platform of sports.

This is a giving program for kids that gives back! It is also a most rewarding gift parents can give their own child that has lasting significant and life-changing return and blessings. Ephesians 6:8 (NIV) because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does, whether he is slave or free.

Getting Kids Involved

It's easy to get involved. You can sign up online today! Follow the Giving instructions below after you go to the SIM official website below.

SIM has many global projects so when you sign up please be sure to use Kristin's Missionary Number # 071455 and/or mention 'Kristin Reeder' on the note. For more information on SIM's Sports Friends feel free to go to the websites and then follow the instructions below.

Contact Kristin Reeder directly by email and she will be glad to answer questions or help get signed up as online or mail participants.

Regardless of age, each of us can be a Friend and by giving a little, we are giving a lot. You can give as little as $10.00 a month and that will make a huge difference! Please help today! Here is how. Thank you.

Giving Instructions:

* Go to
* Missionary or Project Name - Enter
'Kristin Reeder #071455'
Designation should be 'Support Account' and Enter Amount
* Click 'Electronic Check' for Checking Account and enter information OR

* Click 'Credit Card' and enter account information
* Click 'Yes' on Recurring Gift if you are giving monthly and 'Make Donation'

The donation will be drafted on the date you choose and a receipt will be sent annually to the address you enter. If you have questions, call the SIM USA Receipting Department at (800) 521-6449. Thank you.