The days are near when every vision will be fulfilled                                                         July 2, 2015


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A Desperate Love Sick Determination to See Jesus! By Hope Reeder

"I'VE GOT TO SEE JESUS! I DON'T CARE what anyone says! I have to see Him! I can't wait another day, not another minute! GET OUT OF MY WAY! I've got to get to Him! I've heard how He's changed people's lives. I've heard how He heals people! I've heard people say they are never the same once they've seen Him! I'LL DO ANYTHING! If I could just see His Face!  I'll do anything! I've heard He is coming! So get out of my way! I've just got to see Him! Now!
Clearly illustrated by a man showing such determined desperation to see Jesus, Zacchaeus was one most likely who experienced the beginning of passionate FAITH stirring in his heart, like never before! After hearing the amazing reports and testimonies of others, he was determined to grab hold for himself, an experience all his own! He was determined to see this 'move of God.'... Read More
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