Roger Reeder is President of Praise Alive Ministries, Inc. and is an ordained Spirit filled speaker releasing the heart of the Father through a timely word of the Lord both nationally and internationally. Flowing in a non-threatening setting with lightning shifts of tone and mood, his prophetic and teaching ministry most often brings healing laughter as he defines and explores the humor of everyday family interactions of his southern roots upbringing. Somehow, without trying his nature and delivery is sure to make you laugh out of your chair. As a conference speaker, he brings a new and fresh revelation with the spirit of Joy and somehow he blends it all effortlessly.

  Roger is a graduate of Walker College and further studied at Jacksonville State University. More extensively he studied Old and New Testament at Lee University. Residing in Charlotte, NC, Roger and his wife Hope together co-founded Praise Alive Ministries, Inc., The Upper Room Food Bank, Make His Praise Glorious TV program, and Co-Pastored PAM Worship Center.

Away from public ministry, family time is the interest he holds dear.

Hope Reeder does it with God's grace; Psalmist, Conference Speaker, Preacher, Pastor, Teacher, Recording Artist, Missionary, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  As Vice President of Praise Alive Ministries, Inc., Hope has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally for more than 25 years. Hope is a lover of the Word and unquenchable worshiper! She has recorded 3 live prophetic worship Cd's. Spirit filled and inspired by the Holy Spirit, Hope truly sets the atmosphere ablaze in the midst of prophetic worship and apostolic preaching.

Hope's Ministry is also changing lives in other nations through her humanitarian efforts. The ministry offers an array of outreaches which include supporting the sports mission which helps provide means to mobilize churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America; In Cape Town South Africa help provide transportation and food to help feed many people in the shanty towns through the food bank program.

Close to Hope's heart is the support of their Busembatia Uganda partner with Internet, other media needs and special annual projects. Also, proceeds from Hope's 'Unified by Grace' CD project helps provide basic health care and helps stock anti-malarial medication and mosquito nets for the impoverished 2,000 people at the Nyambabare Clinic in West Ankole in Southwestern Uganda.

Hope is a graduate of Tomlinson Bible College and further studied Old and New Testament at Lee University. Residing in Charlotte, NC with her husband Roger, they are together are co-founders of Praise Alive Ministries, Inc., The Upper Room Food Bank, the TV program 'Make His Praise Glorious!' and Co-Pastored Praise Alive Worship Center. Away from public ministry, spending time together with her family is the interest she holds dear to her heart.

Roger & Hope Reeder

Isaiah 22:22 Amplified Bible (AMP)

22 And the key of the house of David I will lay upon his shoulder; he shall open and no one shall shut, he shall shut and no one shall open.